Concert to bring together Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Czech ensembles in solidarity with Ukraine

Photo: Prague Sounds

Prague Sounds is hosting a special concert at Vladislav Hall at Prague Castle in collaboration with the Prague Philharmonia, Czech Philharmonic, and Kyiv Symphony Orchestra – as well as the Prague Philharmonic Choir this Sunday. The music to be performed is Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem, based on poetry written by Wilfred Owen, a British war poet who was a victim of World War I. I spoke to the Programmer of Prague Sounds, Guy Borg about the upcoming performance and its significance.

I want to start by asking you about the significance of the music being performed at the concert this Sunday – it’ a piece by Benjamin Britten, can you tell me a bit about it?

“Britten’s War Requiem was written between 1961 and 1962 as a tribute to those who had fallen in war. It was first performed in one of the British cathedrals that was heavily bombed during the Second World War. The piece is a source of meditation on war, a tribute to the victims, and also a call of hope and it’s certainly against the barbarity of war.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt