“Culture defines a nation”: Head of National Library on urgency to preserve Ukrainian cultural artefacts

Photo: X/Martin Baxa

The National Library of the Czech Republic is currently working on getting a project off the ground that will provide mobile units that would be sent to Ukraine to help preserve cultural artefacts endangered by the war. The head of the National Library Tomáš Foltýn, told me more about the endeavour

“We started this project around 2016/2017 when we were creating and updating our strategy for the Czech National Library. An integral part in this strategy concerned the long term preservation of our physical collection. One of the parts of the strategy was also the creation of a mobile unit aimed at conserving and restoring our physical collections.

“The war in Ukraine is ongoing, and we were starting to think about how we could help the cultural institutions of the country. We were talking with the Czech Ministry of Culture about different ideas, and we thought about creating an ‘arc’, a unit where we can restore and conserve the physical collections, or a unit aimed at digitizing the masterpieces of Ukrainian libraries. The Czech Ministry of Culture ended up loving the idea.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt