Czech band Sto Zvířat loses frontman Jan Kalina

Photo: Tomáš Černý, Czech Radio

The Czech band Sto Zvířat has been on the scene for over thirty years. Last week it lost its frontman and co-founder Jan Kalina.

The Czech band Sto Zvirat (Hundred Animals) was founded in 1990 soon after the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. During the four decades of communist rule people had little access to Western music and tapes of Western hits were smuggled into the country, rerecorded and passed from hand to hand among trusted friends. Inspired by bands like Madness, The Specials or The Selecter, Sto Zvirat was like a breath of fresh air in post-1989 Czechoslovakia. It popularized the then almost unknown genres of ska and rocksteady, and later also reggae and swing.

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Author: Daniela Lazarová, Source:Český rozhlas