Czech cities stripping Soviet-era “heroes” of their honorary citizenship

Prague councillors have voted in favour of stripping the late Soviet military commander Ivan Konev, who led the Red Army’s liberation of Prague, of his honorary citizenship. Among the reasons for the move is his repressive role within the Communist bloc in the years that followed. Others, who were honored in the past, have suffered a similar fate.

In recent years, Czech politicians have been taking steps to remove symbols connected with the Soviet era and Russia’s war on Ukraine has only strengthened that resolve.

On Monday, Prague city councillors approved a document proposing that the Soviet military commander Ivan Konev be stripped of his honorary citizenship.

Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib explained the move, which still needs to be endorsed by the Prague City Assembly, to Czech Radio:

“Over time, facts have come to light proving that Konev wasn’t an upstanding man, therefore he cannot be an honorary citizen. For example after the end of the Second World War he decided to bomb Mladá Boleslav, murdering 150 civilians, including children.”

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Author: Ruth Fraňková