Czech glassmakers make medals for Ice Hockey World Championship

Photo: Radek Petrášek, ČTK

Organizers of the upcoming 2024 Ice Hockey World Championship have unveiled the gold, silver and bronze medals that will be awarded to the winning teams. The trophies, produced by glassmakers in the north Bohemian town of Nový Bor, are made of crystal glass, which resembles a piece of ice scratched by skates.

Preparations are in full swing for the Ice Hockey World Championship that will get underway in Prague and Ostrava in May. Glassmakers from the Kolektiv Ateliers in the north Bohemian town of Nový Bor are currently working on a set of medals for the winning teams. They have to produce at least 40 pieces of each metal in case some of the medals break.

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Author: Ruth Fraňková