Czech lawmakers consider regulating energy drinks

Source: YouTube

The popularity of energy drinks among Czech schoolchildren has been steadily rising in recent years and so have concerns about the dangers of such drinks. The lower house of parliament is currently debating the possibility of introducing regulatory measures, in line with many other EU countries.

Parents and experts have long questioned the suitability of energy drinks for children and young adults. But it is the controversial US drink Prime that has sparked a new debate about introducing a ban on such products.

The heavily caffeinated drink, promoted by influencers on social media, has recently gained something of a status symbol among Czech schoolkids.

At the moment, Czech shops can only sell Prime Hydration, a drink composed of coconut water and electrolytes without sugar and caffeine, but with a high potassium content. The other product, Prime Energy, contains 200 millilitres of caffeine, an equivalent to two Red Bulls or six cans of Coke. While it is not yet available in brick and mortar stores, you can buy it online.

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Authors: Ruth Fraňková, Karolina Koubová