Czech lawmakers don traditional folk costumes to celebrate diversity

Photo: Poslanecká sněmovna ČR

The Czech Chamber of Deputies was considerably brighter and more colourful than usual on Tuesday. A number of MPs from across the political spectrum showed up for work in the traditional folk costumes of their region to celebrate regional and national diversity and folklore.

Next to the usual drab politician’s attire of a dark suit and tie, around 30 out of the 200 MPS in the lower house of the Czech parliament lit up the room on Tuesday by coming to work dressed in regional folk costumes. The occasion? The Day of Folk Costumes, which was marked in the Chamber of Deputies in Prague by the opening of an exhibition featuring 50 newly-made folk costumes for men, women and children based on real historical models from 1820 to 1920, when the tradition of wearing folk costumes or ‘kroje’ was at its peak.

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Author: Anna Fodor, Sources:CNN Prima News, Aktuálně.cz,