Czech police chief sorry for saying women “very often” make up rape claims

Photo: René Volfík,

The head of the Czech police, Martin Vondrášek, has apologised after saying in an interview that women “very often” make up claims of sexual assault. However, advocacy groups says the force needs to do far more to reassure women.

On Monday the news site Aktuálně.cz carried a video interview in its Spotlight series with Czech Police President Martin Vondrášek.

Among other issues, the discussion focused on the force’s treatment of victims of sexual violence.

Mr. Vondrášek said his officers aimed to behave sensitively and avoid secondary victimisation. Then he made the following comments.

“The whole time I’ve been sitting here I’ve been wondering if I should say this… I guess I should, and I hope it won’t be taken out of context. But very often – really very often – women’s reports of sexual violence are made up. Very often… It’s happened to me in my work at least twice – two cases of fictitious rape.”

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Author: Ian Willoughby