Czech president-elect warns of “undesirable scenarios” resulting from Russia’s defeat in Ukraine

Petr Pavel in the Munich security conference, Photo: Aleš Zápotocký, ČTK

“Continued support for Ukraine for as long as the war lasts” was the main message to come out of the Munich security conference last weekend. However, the Czech president-elect Petr Pavel stressed that Russia’s defeat could happen under various scenarios, including some that the West should try to avoid.

With increased Russian attacks on Ukraine expected in the coming weeks and months, Kyiv has been stressing the need for more military support from the West as fast as possible. As President Zelensky stressed, the country needs more tanks, more ammunition, and fighter jets to defend its airspace.

And, while the will for continued assistance and solidarity with Ukraine remains strong, there are heated debates on how best to secure Ukraine’s victory. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said the concerns expressed do not detract from the main message.

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Author: Daniela Lazarová