Czech start-up receives medal for biodegradable polystyrene substitute made from mushrooms

Photo: Myco

Single-use plastic packaging contributes to landfill waste and microplastics in the oceans and drinking water. Small Czech firm Myco’s mycelium-based packaging material offers a completely biodegradable alternative – and received recognition for it at this year’s Energy Globe World Awards.

The fight against climate change can often feel hopeless. Too many actors, lack of coordination, competing interests, complex power structures and factors outside of an ordinary individual’s control – all these things and more can lead to feelings of ennui, resignation, and despair.

But the Energy Globe World Awards, held annually for the last 23 years, aims to counteract those feelings by honouring those who are working to come up with practical solutions to environmental problems. As Wolfgang Neumann, founder of the award, says, the solutions are already out there – it’s just a question of making people aware of and implementing them.

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Author: Anna Fodor