Czech startup presents unique lab-grown meat prototype

Photo: Mewery

Brno-based startup Mewery has recently had a big breakthrough – it created the first prototype of cultivated meat in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The company says its prototype has nutritional benefits and that the method to produce it is cost-saving and unique among companies working in this field.

It looks just like a regular fried meatball. But this meatball wasn’t created from the mashed-up remains of an animal – it was grown in a lab.

Leading the field in cultivated meat in this part of Europe is the Brno startup Mewery, which recently presented its debut prototype to the world. In fact, CEO and founder Roman Lauš says that with the prototype, his company has achieved several firsts.

“It is the first prototype of cultivated meat in Central and Eastern Europe and it is also unique in the world, because it combines pork cells and microalgae cells. It’s 100% cell-based and there are no other supplements or proteins used. Normally in other kinds of prototypes you use soya, pea or other supplements, but this consists only of cells, either porcine (pig) cells, which make up 75%, or microalgae cells, which make up the remaining 25%. This has been the big milestone we have been trying to achieve for more than half a year.”

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Author: Anna Fodor