Czech team develops AI better than doctors at identifying lesions in lungs

Last week, a Czech team presented a study at the European Radiological Congress in Vienna that showed an AI that they developed called Carebot is more accurate than human radiologists at detecting suspicious lesions in lung X-rays.

Artificial Intelligence is already better than humans at playing chess and Go, analysing big data, and with the advent of ChatGPT, the new chatbot by OpenAI that everyone is talking about, answering questions about almost anything, it seems. As if that wasn’t enough, there is now yet another area where the machines are beating us – according to Daniel Kvak, co-founder of Carebot, AI is better at identifying suspicious lesions in lung X-rays than human doctors.

“Various studies indicate that the inaccuracy of radiological description is somewhere between 25 and 30 percent in standard clinical practice. And chest X-rays are precisely where errors unfortunately occur most often. In cooperation with the Masaryk Institute of Oncology, we ran a study where we compared the success rate of artificial intelligence with the success rate of five radiologists. Our AI correctly picked up the lesions 91 percent of the time, compared to 29 to 81 percent for the radiologists.”

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Author: Anna Fodor