Czechia: an organ music powerhouse

Photo: Maria Hammerich-Maier, Radio Prague International

Czechia holds the unusual distinction of having the most organs per capita in the world, with about 10,000 of them to the country’s roughly 10 million inhabitants, meaning there is one organ per 1,000 people. This edition of our Sunday music show brings you a selection of organ music performed by Adam Viktora, who is the organiser of the Czech Organ Festival currently taking place around the country.

The 17th edition of the Czech Organ Festival offers approximately 70 concerts of powerful music played on a variety of organs throughout the country, from the bustling capital of Prague to small village churches. The instruments, dating from the 17th to the first half of the 20th century, are very diverse, ranging from the large and famous to the rare and historic.

The concert repertoire is always tailored to the specific organ it is being played on, as each instrument is unique and has its own unmistakable sound. Baroque pieces are ideal for a baroque organ, while a romantic instrument is best suited to a romantic repertoire, says Adam Viktora.

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Author: Libor Kukal,