Czechia helping establish autism support strategy in Moldova

Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Chisinau

Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries with a very high rate of migration. According to statistics from the Czech NGO People in Need, four people leave Moldova every hour for a better life abroad. The post-Soviet republic, located between Romania and Ukraine, is one of the six priority countries for Czech development cooperation, which focuses, among other things, on helping children.

“We really wanted to influence the quality of life of children with autism and rare genetic diseases in Moldova, but we needed help from outside. We approached different organisations and embassies and in 2018, the Czech Development Agency developed a four-year strategy addressing the problem. The project was undertaken jointly by – ADRA Czech Republic and ADRA Moldova and had a direct impact on the lives of parents and children.”

Aliona Dumitrash is Executive Director of SOS Autism, a centre helping people suffering with autism based in Moldova’s capital Chisinau. The centre was established within the mentioned project of the Czech Development Agency.

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Authors: Olga Vasinkevich, Ruth Fraňková