Czechia needs a strategy for how to promote its design, says UMPRUM vice-rector

On the backdrop of the ongoing Czech EU presidency, a special exhibition titled: “Design and transformation. Stories of Czech design 1990-2020” is currently on display at the Design Museum Brussels. The exhibition serves not just as an opportunity to show beautiful Czech designs and the stories of selected brands, but also as a much-needed call for a unified strategy of how to present Czech product design abroad. I spoke to one of the key figures behind the exhibition – the Vice-Rector of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague Radek Sidun.

“This exhibition was prepared for the occasion of the Czech EU presidency and it is for that reason that we chose to follow this political and economic aspect of our disciplines. By this I mean design or production that is in some way connected with design.

“We followed the stories of 14 brands and companies that show their processes and history because, of course, Czechia, or Czechoslovakia to be more precise, had a few ups and downs both politically and economically.

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Author: Thomas McEnchroe