Czechs give outgoing President Zeman poor marks for performance

Photo: Prague Castle Administration

Czechs assessed President Miloš Zeman’s ten-year performance in the country’s top post with an average 4 on a five point scale, the equivalent of a “D” in the Western school grading system, according to the results of a survey conducted by NMS Market Research.

As the country elects a new president, Czechs were asked to assess the performance in office of the outgoing head of state President Miloš Zeman. Mr. Zeman is now winding up his second five-year term in office, due to end on March 8.

In a survey conducted among 1,300 respondents around the country, President Zeman received an average 4 on a five-point scale for “overall performance”. In the individual areas assessed, Mr. Zeman received the best average grade, 3.4 , for actively supporting Czech entrepreneurs during trips abroad, and the worst average grade, 4, for the selection of his closest associates and for his role as a moral authority. People were also critical of the way in which he represented the country abroad and claimed that he divided society.

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Author: Daniela Lazarová