Diana Šmídová on how Czechia is helping its 130,000 Ukrainian child refugees

A significant percentage of the hundreds of thousands of refugees that have fled to Czechia since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine are children. The nature of the conflict means that some of them arrive into the country completely unaccompanied by adults, or by just a part of their extended family. To find out what the government is doing to address the needs of this especially vulnerable group I spoke to Diana Šmídová, the secretary of the Committee on the Rights of the Child at the Office of Government.

“In Czechia, the number of Ukrainian child refugees lies at around 130,000. We will have more precise numbers after the re-registration process is over, meaning probably around April. In terms of unaccompanied minors, meaning children who arrived unaccompanied by any person at all, there are around 200.

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Author: Thomas McEnchroe