Diary by veteran artist named Czech comic book of year

Každý den je nový (Every Day Starts Anew), Photo: Tomáš Vodňanský, Czech Radio

Czechia’s annual Muriel Awards for best comic book of the year went to a comic diary by the respected Czech comic author Lucie Lomová. The book, called Každý den je nový or Every Day Starts Anew, also won the prize of the Czech Academy of Comics. I discussed the book with the academy’s director Pavel Kořínek:

“It started as her own work that wasn’t supposed to be published, but five years after the 2017 experiment, she decided, together with her publisher, to present it to the audience.

“So in her new book, the Czech comic reader gets a really interesting piece of autobiographical fiction or autobiographical comics, something that is not written beforehand, something that is not based on well-prepared script, but that keeps evolving, just like our lives are.”

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Author: Ruth Fraňková