Discussion and support meet-up: Harassment of women in Prague’s public transport

Dear ladies, Join us on Monday, 22nd November, 2021 at 5.30 PM to take part in our first open discussion meet-up on harassment of women in Prague’s public transport.

Unfortunately, there have been too many stories from women around Prague telling of their experiences of unwanted touching, grabbing or even of attempted rape.

Other examples of sexual misconduct mentioned are staring, standing too close on purpose, inappropriate comments and suggestions, sexual gestures and movements, blocking of movement, forced personal contact and indecent exposure.

According to an article published in expats.cz, a third of women (and 10% of men) experience sexual harassment in Czech public transport. Basically, 35 percent of women have recently experienced sexual misconduct. The statistics gathered from a poll by the Focus agency for the Czech government, state that nearly three out of five women mentioned instances of people staring or standing too close, while a quarter of the respondents had experienced someone masturbating in front of them and 7 percent had faced attempted rape.

In light of all this, we would love to have you join us and hear about your thoughts and/or experiences on this issue.

Venue: Kavarna co Hleda Jimeno
Time: 22. 11. 2021, at 5.30 PM

Our speakers will provide you with information regarding your rights as an expat in Czechia, where to find support and strategies on self-defence and building empowerment.

Speakers and moderators:

Amanda Mataija (CEO & Founder Prague Integration)
Paula Costa (Coach, Soul Searching)
Karolina Nyitray(Mental health counsellor, Prague Integration)
Linda Štucbartová (Self-defense and women empowerment coach)

Please note:
1.This event is free of charge, but recommended donation in order to support our speakers and organise more events in this nature is 100 CZK
2. Drinks and other options can be purchased separately at the bar. We will be sharing menu shortly.
3. To ensure your participation due to limited number of participants it is necessary to fill out our form:
4. Please make sure you come on time and respect each other’s privacy and participation.
5. In order to participate at this event you will need to show vaccination proof or PCR test.
6. There will be coffee and tea prepared for you


Looking forward seeing you there

Prague Integration