Ed Ley: The Englishman recording the stories of Prague’s streets, one by one

Photo: Štěpánka Budková, Radio Prague International

In recent years Ed Ley has won fans on social media for his in-depth research into the streets of the Czech capital. Indeed the Englishman has already explored the stories of all the streets of Pragues 2 and 3 in daily postings on Twitter/X – and is now halfway through the city centre Prague 1. How did he get started? And what are some of the most remarkable facts he has turned up? I discussed these questions and much more with Ed Ley at our studios.

Where are you from, and what do you do, Ed?

“I’m from the UK. I was born in London and grew up in Brighton, but I live in Prague.

“And I work in development aid, so essentially I work for a firm where we review projects which are financed by international donors, such as the EU, the UN and national governments. So rather interesting.”

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Author: Ian Willoughby