Empanadas for dogs? Argentinian bistro experiments

Photo: La Paisanita

When one door closes, another opens. At least, that seems to be the case in Prague 6’s Dejvice district. Just as one establishment in the neighbourhood closed down – the legendary A Maze in Tchaiovna, a quirky meeting point that fused British pub food and beer with the concept of the traditional Bohemian-style teahouse – another opened practically right next-door: the second branch of La Paisanita, an Argentinian empanada eatery with a majority meatless menu.

Previously, La Paisanita could only be found in one fairly well-hidden location – the basement of the Prague 3 town hall – and you had to be in the know to find it as there was no sign for the bistro outside the premises. Although this added a certain eccentric charm to the place, Diego, one half of the husband-wife duo behind the eatery, says that they are happy to now be in a more visible location.

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Author: Anna Fodor