Et Cetera Exhibition

From April 28th to May 18th, the Eleutheria Foundation of Prague – led by Francesco Augusto Razetto – in collaboration with MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, presented et cetera, an exhibition of works by eighteen contemporary artists from the Czech Republic.

Curated by historian and art critic Genny Di Bert and architect Ottaviano Maria Razetto (who also designed the exposition’s layout), et cetera is a part of an existing initiative of the Eleutheria Foundation. After promoting a new interpretation of Czech Socialist Art, Eleutheria now turns its gaze toward the present, focusing on the production of Czech artists over the last 25 years, after the fall of Communism and its censorship of freedom of expression. As the title itself suggests, et cetera therefore represents a process never stopped, but rather constantly evolving.

The aim, through the presentation of such works, is that of stimulating Italian interest in discovering new talent, thus opening a virtual window through which to appreciate and admire the creativity that exists in the heart of Europe.

The exhibition presented works by: Ašot Hass, Hana Babak, Kryštof Hošek, Jan Kaláb, Martin Kocourek, Martin Krajc, Martin Matoušek, Jakub Matuška, Jan Mikulka, Marek Musil, Jakub Nepraš, Tets Ohnari, Ondřej Oliva, Veronika Psotková, Matěj Rejl , Tereza Tara, Zdeněk Trs and Roman Týc.

According to its curators, et cetera takes strength, value and meaning through the diversity of each artist, offering therefore a wide view in the context of today’s Czech artistic experimentation. Despite having started from a common emotional tension, each artist gives vent to their own creative vision to achieve an aesthetic ideal definitely beyond classical standards of beauty and various currents. Each seeks the philosophical essence of life and a way to spread their own perception. All works are essential expressions of the changing times and existences within which artistic value is perceived: environments, signs, sounds, images, material compositions, installations, paintings, Hyperrealisms.  All represent a silent protest without strong nihilisms, but rather positive vibrations inclined to believe in a better future, though with a natural degree of skepticism.

An e-catalog has been created  in cooperation with the prime publishing house Tablet Media for the exhibition  and can be downloaded in apple store for further consultation.

The exhibition is born  under the patronage of various institutions. Among all: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Rome, Italian Embassy in Prague, Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Department of Culture of the City of Prague, Department of Culture of Rome, Czech Centre in Milan, Italian Institute of Culture in Prague, Italy-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry.