Eva Pavlova started the new school year

Wife of the President of the Republic, Eva Pavlova started the new school year at Jindřichov Elementary School and Kindergarten. She welcomed the first-graders, to whom she presented a children’s book “From the Diary of the Blue-eyed Cat” and small gifts. “We will try to make sure that you have a good time in this country, that you do well, and that you enjoy school. It’s nice to be in such a nice school.

I used to go to kindergarten here, I went to school over the hill. I lived here for 18 years, I created many friendships,” said Eva Pavlová to the children.

She then met with the school director, teachers, school staff, and the mayor of Jindřichov. “I would like to thank the mayor of the village of Jindřichov and the school director for their kind welcome and at the same time for the hard work that they do here,” said Eva Pavlová.

She choose to go to school in Jindřichov for the reason that it is located in a structurally affected region.

During a visit to Jindřichov, she met her ex-teacher and classmate.

Photo: Archive KPR