Events happening in April

April is in the name of dance. The National Theater will premiere a dance performance BPM, which was created in cooperation with Israeli and Czech choreographers and dancers. And one performance is not enough, so go to Trutnov to see another masterpiece.

Dance through the rain with Israeli culture!

Young and talented in the National Theatre

april 2022 / 19:00 / Národní divadlo / Praha, Eyal Dadon, Gai Behar, Yemi AD

Bpm refers to beats per minute, a measurement of tempo in music, as well as heart rate. The new Czech National Ballet triple bill will set your heart racing. You can expect a truly thrilling evening, consisting of works by Israel’s Eyal Dadon, Sharon Eyal, and Gai Behar, and the Czech creative producer, choreographer, and street fusion visionary Yemi A.D.

The premieres will be on 31.3. and 1.4.2022 in the historical building of the National Theatre. There will be other 3 performances in April and 3 more in June.

Check out a making-of video here.
All the details about the show including the tickets sale are here.

Contemporary Israeli dance in UFFO

24.4.2022 / 19:00 / UFFO / Trutnov


The renowned Israeli choreographer brings two breathtaking productions to the Trutnov Community Center stage.

Sharon Vazanna is an independent choreographer and dancer. She will present two artworks in Trutnov´s UFFO. Good Children presents three different individuals, who go into battle. They are determined to deconstruct and reconstruct ancient images engraved in their bodies and souls since childhood.

High presents different situations of courting, seduction, and the search for attention and love. It examines feelings of excitement and momentary freedom in the nightlife.

Learn more about Good children here and about High here.
Tickets are for sale here.

A concert in an unconventional spirit and venue

21.4.2022 / 19:30 / Chodovská tvrz / Praha

As part of a jazz series Jazz Meets World, we will listen to a duo Kerendun and Nitai Hershkovits. This connection between world-renowned New York based pianist Nitai Hershkovits and Tel Aviv based writer and vocalist KerenDun (Keren Dunietz) created an EP that dwells in the strange and enchanting, presenting the piano and the voice in their most naked form.

Tickets here.

Jazzman, who loves us and we love him. Itamar

24.4.2022 / 21:00 / Jazz Dock / Praha

Itamar Borochov

The Czech jazz scene knows the award-winning trumpet player Itamar Borochov, who regularly returns to his Czech audience. Raised in the cosmopolitan port city of Jaffa, now a significant presence on the international jazz scene, Borochov is creating a new musical hybrid – bringing the sacred sounds of his upbringing to a jazz quartet setting.

Tickets are sold here.

Drama comedy on Febiofest

28.4.-4.5.2022 / Praha

The International film festival Febiofest will present in a Czech premiere a dark comedy-drama “Concerned Citizen,” which had its world premiere in the Panorama section of the Berlinale

The film, a satirical parable on the insidious ways in which privilege can unleash the prejudice within, centers on Ben, who thinks of himself as a liberal and enlightened gay man, living in the perfect apartment with his boyfriend Raz. All that’s missing to complete the picture is a baby, which the couple is trying to make a reality.

More information soon at the web of Febiofest here.