Exhibition of the world of Oldřich Kulhánek’s banknotes at the Czech National Bank

From 27 March the unique exhibition of the first artistic designs of Czechoslovak banknotes from the 1970s, the satirical Funny Money, and the life stories of contemporary banknotes will be open in the Visitor Center of the Czech National Bank (ČNB). The unique exhibition The World of Banknotes by Oldřich Kulhánek will be open to the public.

Entry will be free.

The exposition with many symbols and details thought out to the last point guides visitors through the banknote work of the Czech painter, graphic artist, and illustrator Oldřich Kulhánek. People will be able to familiarize themselves with the first designs of Czechoslovak banknotes, which the author created at the beginning of the 1970s. There will also be satirical Funny Money lithographs and money that is still used today.

“According to contemporary sources, Oldřich Kulhánek had a unique view of the world inspired by man and humanity. Because he was able to capture it artistically and render it in an original way, sometimes with a number of symbols, the current Czech banknotes are an absolutely unique combination of art and protective elements,” says Karina Kubelková, a member of the banking board of the Czech National Bank, adding: “An artistic design that honors Czech history and tradition, at the same time, it does not come at the expense of safety. On the contrary. It makes it possible to have a whole range of protective features on domestic currency.”

“During the processing of each banknote, Oldřich Kulhánek first familiarized himself in detail with the personality he was portraying,” points out CNB chief archivist and exhibition curator Jakub Kunert, adding: “He wanted each design to perfectly capture the life story of the artistically captured person.” Thanks to this, this Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator became a true storyteller of Czech history, or rather the fates of important representatives of the Czech nation.”

The exhibition The World of Banknotes by Oldřich Kulhánek consists of several blocks. The first is devoted to the artistic personality of Oldřich Kulhánek. The second focuses on his early work from the early 1970s, which was never realized. They follow the 1990s, when this painter, graphic artist, and illustrator was chosen by the Czechoslovak State Bank to design new banknotes. After processing the two hundred kroner, there was an offer to create seven more banknotes, which later became the currency of the independent Czech Republic. Part of the exhibition concerns the motifs of contemporary Czech banknotes, and Kulhánk’s unique view of currency, including foreign currency, is represented by the exhibition block of satirical lithographs Funny Money.

Exhibition “The World of Oldřich Kulhánek’s Banknotes”

 From March 27, 2024, Tuesday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Where: CNB Visitor Center, Na Příkopě 28, Prague 1

Entry is for free.