Expat fair promises to show foreigners why Brno is a cool place to live

Source: Brno Expat Centre

‘Giving birth in Brno’, ‘Five easy tips for passing the A2 Czech test’, and ‘How to leave your lover but stay in the Czech Republic’ – those are some of the kinds of workshops you can expect at the Brno Expat Fair on Saturday 22 April, along with a whole host of stands and exhibits showcasing what Czechia’s second-largest city has to offer international residents. I spoke to Marie Lungová of the Brno Expat Centre, which organises the event, about why it’s worth a visit.

“The highlight is that we are bringing everything that makes Brno international into one place and one day. So you can explore, discover and enjoy all the opportunities that a life in Brno offers – and also you can enjoy them with hundreds of other foreigners who live there. So it’s not only about the fair itself and the opportunities you see there, but also about meeting lots of people who are in the same situation as you.

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Author: Anna Fodor