Expert: Significantly less snow is “the hard truth” in Czechia’s future

Photo: Tereza Brázdová, Czech Radio

The post-Christmas months are when many Czech families hit the slopes for skiing holidays. However, recent weather patterns have thrown a wrench in those plans for a snow filled getaway. Temperatures in the country are currently well above the seasonal average, a symptom of an ever changing climate, as Šimon Bercha, hydrologist at the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, explained to me.

“The average temperature for the Czech Republic in January is -1.3 degrees Celsius, and for February it’s – 0.4 degrees Celsius. If you look out the window, it’s so much warmer than it should be right now. When it comes to snow, it should definitely be on the mountains and on the hills which are at medium sea level. The water storage in the snow covered areas should be six times greater during this time of year. Unfortunately, snow is only in the mountain regions, and we’re currently suffering from floods, rain, and melting snow, especially in the Krkonoše and Hrubý Jeseník mountains. The current state of the weather in the Czech Republic is how it would typically be at the end of March or beginning of April.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt