Fears of AI-driven disinformation in campaigning to European elections

The rapid growth of generative AI is influencing many areas of life and there is no doubt that it will play a role in campaigning in the European elections. So are Czech parties preparing to harness the potential it affords and will Czech voters be able to recognize AI-driven disinformation?

A survey among Czech political parties shows they are gradually starting to make use of the benefits AI offers. The Pirate Party, which is the main driving force behind the digitization of the state sector, argues that not to use the technologies of the modern day and age is to fall behind. The party says it uses AI wherever it is useful – to produce texts, generate images, edit photos and videos –while fully respecting ethics and clearly labelling AI generated content. The SPOLU coalition (Civic Democrats, Christian Democrats and TOP 09) also says it uses AI to subtitle videos and analyze data, but insists that their election campaign will be conducted in a fair manner. Jakub Skyva is spokesperson for the SPOLU coalition.

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Jana Karasová