February 1929: Czech record low temperature of -42C registered

Photo: Czech Television/CHMI

On 11 February 1929 a temperature of -42.2 was registered at Litvínovice in South Bohemia. It was the lowest temperature since records began in Bohemia and Moravia.

The winter of 1929 was one of the coldest since records began in today’s Czechia and Slovakia. On 11 February 1929, temperatures fell well below -30 °C. The absolute lowest temperature was recorded in Litvínovice near České Budějovice at -42.2 degrees Celsius. In Jablunkov, in the very east of Moravia, the temperature dropped to -41.5 degrees Celsius.

Period press reports refer to major transport problems, including restrictions on the railway line between Prague and Bratislava, and a local transport collapse in Brno. In the Olomouc Region 70 percent of wild animals reportedly did not survive the deep freeze.

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