Fiala unveils new economic vision – but can it deliver?

Photo: Michaela Říhová, ČTK

Prime Minister Petr Fiala has just launched a plan he says will help modernize the Czech economy in key fields – and make the country a European hub within the next 10 years. But what are the chances of his Restart Czechia programme actually having a lasting impact?

The prime minister was upbeat when he unveiled his new vista for the economy in a presentation at a business forum named Czechia at a Crossroads – and highlighted key areas of focus for the coming decades.

“Transport, energy infrastructure, nuclear power, lithium, chips and trends in information technology. These are six concrete fields that have enormous potential to change our country. Therefore a major part of our strategic investment must go into those very areas.”

Petr Fiala has dubbed this programme Restart Czechia and says it should also help cut red tape, boost confidence and improve the education system. All of this should make the country a key European hub within a decade.

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Author: Ian Willoughby