Free open air concert in the Wallenstein Garden fuses different kinds of music together

Photo: Barbora Navrátilová, Radio Prague International

The Wallenstein Garden will host an outdoor concert Wednesday evening, with music being performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and directed by Czech conductor Jan Kučera. The show will present classical music and also the soundtracks of famous films. We spoke to the program coordinator Martin Rudovský about what’s in store.

Can you tell us about what’s in store tonight at the free concert in the Wallenstein Garden?

“It’s been our tradition since the 1940’s to do this concert in the Wallenstein Garden, but we re-established it again in 2014 with an annual opening of the season. The conductor for this season in the garden is Jan Kučera, and we perform mainly film, opera, and concert music.”

Is there anything interesting to know about the conductor of the show, Jan Kučera?

“He is really exceptional, he’s a completely universal conductor. An arranger, a very good composer, and a very good moderator of the show. He does many shows across the Czech Republic. He’s quite famous and we love him, he has no problem talking, conducting, and composing for these concerts, he’s a really special guy.”

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