Group says threatened Prague rail bridge can continue in present form

Photo: Mathis Elias-Jean, Radio Prague International

Debate is still going on over whether to knock down Prague’s Vyšehrad Railway Bridge. Some interested parties say it may only remain in place if it is expanded from the current two tracks to three. However, the group Nebourat (Don’t Demolish) on Wednesday presented data on the bridge’s capacity that they say proves even that change is unneeded. I spoke to Nebourat’s Pavel Štorch, who is a Green Party politician.

“The owner of the bridge, Správa železnic, the Rail Network Administration, is pushing forward with its plan to demolish the bridge.

“What we have shown is that this decision isn’t fact-based. Because one of the most important claims, that there would be a capacity problem and a third track needs to be installed, isn’t necessary.”

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Author: Ian Willoughby