Happy Birthday, José: renowned Argentine tenor celebrates 60th birthday with two concerts in Prague

Photo: Juan Pablo Bertazza, Radio Prague International

Celebrated Argentine tenor, composer and conductor José Cura has a long-standing relationship with Czechia: in addition to recording an album of love songs by Dvořák in 2003, he was also a resident artist for three years with the Prague Symphony Orchestra between 2015 and 2018. Now the orchestra has invited him back to give two concerts at Prague’s Municipal House in celebration of his 60th birthday. In this exclusive interview with Radio Prague International, the artist reflects on his relationship with the city of Prague, the effects of the pandemic on him and on the classical music industry, as well as problems the industry is currently facing.

“A beautiful birthday present.”

That is how José Cura describes the invitation extended to him by the Prague Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of his 60th birthday this month.

“The orchestra told me that, when I turned sixty, they wanted to celebrate with two birthday concerts, that’s why the concerts are called ‘Happy Birthday, José’. And they also told me that the idea was not only to present my vocal work, but the entire spectrum of my musical activities: composition, singing and orchestra conducting.”

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Authors: Anna Fodor, Juan Pablo Bertazza