Havel tram roaming Prague’s streets

Photo: René Volfík, iROZHLAS.cz

A special tram commemorating the 30 year anniversary of President Vaclav Havel’s election began making rounds across Prague this Thursday. Havel was elected as Czechia’s first president on January 26, 1993.

The vehicle is operating on the route normally taken by the number 18 tram. Its interior is decorated with a wide range of citations from Václav Havel that emphasise his contributions to the Czech state. The Czech News Agency reports that the tram is part of the Havel for travellers (Havel pro cestující) event, which aims to commemorate the former president’s significance in the history of the modern Czech state.

“Vaclav Havel was independent Czechia’s first president, but his opinions and attitudes are still relevant, even three decades after his election,” Prague’s Mayor Zdeněk Hřib stated in connection to the event.

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Author: Thomas McEnchroe