How to Exercise Right When You’re Working 9-5

Working 9-5 may be cool for some people, but it definitely puts a spoke in fitness wheels down the road. If you are too tired to show up at the gym after your shift is done, your shape and health can suffer greatly, especially if you are also a fan of ready-made meals and high-calorie foods. Still, there are a few ways to keep tabs on your workout agenda even if you are locked to the office desk for the greatest part of your day. In case you want to shed weight and get into shape quickly, here are the top four tips to help you reach your fitness goals with a 9-5 work routine in the mix.

1. Explore nearby gyms

In case you want to start your day with vigorous training, it is a good idea to find a fitness center near your office. That way, you will be able to get in some exercise and achieve your fitness goals before or after your 9-5 shift, or even on a lunch break. Apart from allowing you to squeeze in workouts into your busy day, getting into the training groove before work hours will also prepare you for a long day properly and boost your focus and mood. Likewise, working out after work hours is excellent for de-stressing and recharging your batteries, which is another reason to consider fitting in the training before or after your work hours.

2. Lunch break fitness

One more simple way to add fitness to your daily agenda as a 9-5 worker is to use your lunch break for a quick yet intense workout. Instead of heading to the canteen or a snack bar, use your lunch break to get in 20 minutes of exercise and top up your batteries in the training mode. Depending on the break duration and office neighborhood, you can take a quick jog around the nearest park and burn off some fat instead of adding to the caloric load. Or, if your office is close to a gym, you might even stretch your break and stay overtime at work to make up for the extra break time after the official work day is done.

3. Going alternative

There are tons of enhanced training options on the market which promise quicker results with every workout. If you do not have the time for a full workout due to your work agenda, you can look into alternative training such as EMS in Melbourne and find a quick way to burn extra calories in less time. Another smart move would be to go full-body with your fitness routines as this kind of exercise allows you to burn maximum calories in a relatively short time. HIIT has a similar effect, and if you can use lunch break for training, it might be a good idea to experiment with HIIT and whole-body exercises as this combo will provide visible results fast.

4. Run the commute

One more simple option you can try with a 9-5 agenda in the mix, running from work to your home will allow you to burn a decent amount of calories and get into shape fast while not taking up any of your spare time. In case you have a training facility near the office, you can also squeeze in morning jogs to your work and combine them with a brief workout and shower. That way, you will get the toughest part of your day out of the way even before work hours start, and you will be starting every shift energized and focused.

Finding the time to do exercises on a tight schedule is a challenge a majority of people face on a daily basis. With 9-5 work agenda and pandemic in the mix, motivation and time may be lacking but it is still not an excuse to skip the fitness piece in your daily routine puzzle. Try running your commute and exercising before or after work hours in the closest gym, or even during your lunch break, and tap into the world of advanced EMS and full-body trainings and your peak shape will definitely meet you halfway. You are welcome.

By Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle and travel writer at Men-Ual magazine, living between Ústí nad Labem and Antwerp. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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