Hulk in Avengers inspires first smart Czech baby cradle

Photo: Loonoy s.r.o

A new, never seen before product has hit the Czech market – a smart cradle. Developed by the Czech company Loonoy, the cradle is the result of more than five years of development and promises to make parenting a little easier for Czechs willing to spill some extra cash. The CEO of Loonoy, Adam Rumler, says that he got the idea while watching Hulk in the Avengers film series.

“Yes, that served as an inspiration for me. Hulk walked around a cradle in one of the scenes from the Avengers series.

“There was a question if there are any nice cradles on the market. That was about five years ago. I searched on the web and didn’t find anything. That’s how the idea and development of this product began.

“There were a lot of problems because the coronavirus pandemic caused issues in the development of electronic products, so it took five years.”

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Author: Thomas McEnchroe