Hundreds of Czechs are brewing their own beer

Hundreds of people in Czechia brew their own beer at home. These “home brewer” enthusiasts are not allowed to sell their products by law, but if they could, they might put some of the big breweries to shame with their excellent homemade brews.

Many Czechs started brewing their own beer out of necessity, when working or living far from home they craved the taste of good Czech beer and there was none to be had. From construction workers to embassy officials, people tell tales of how they slowly learnt the art of making the golden brew that the country is world famous for.

What is more surprising is that many people living in this country have also taken up the hobby of beer brewing when there are so many excellent brands of the market to choose from at a relatively affordable price.

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Tomáš Lörincz