“I want to give even the weird things a chance”: Anna Šebestová on designing slug pillows and pangolin shirt worn by former Prague mayor

Photo: Personal Archive of Anna Šebestová/annanemone

Sloths, slugs, and starfish – those are some of the unlikely patterns that young textile designer Anna Šebestová draws as the basis for the prints on her clothes and accessories, which she markets and sells under her brand annanemone. Her bold designs have won her the attention of Prague Zoo and even the former mayor, Zděněk Hříb. I met her recently and started by asking whether she had always been drawn to the weird and wonderful.

“Looking back, when I was a kid I always liked drawing sea creatures and sea weed and weird stuff like that.

“I definitely also drew princesses and things, but I’m quite an empathetic person and I remember when we were at the beach with my brother, I always felt really bad for the dead things.

“So we played this game where he would find dead animals, like little fish or random sea things, and we would bury them. I wanted to make them little graves.

“I remember just feeling so bad for all these dead things, and I think that kind of connects to the philosophy behind my brand – that I want to give even the weird things a chance.”

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Author: Anna Fodor