Illegal billboard owners still playing cat-and-mouse game with the authorities

Photo: Barbora Němcová, Radio Prague International

Czech highways and first-class roads are dotted with illegal billboards. For over twenty years now the authorities have been engaged in a cat and mouse game with their owners who frequently move them from place to place. A new amendment to the road law, due to come into force next year, should put an end to that.

Since the 2017 approval of a law banning advertising billboards from the sides of all motorways and first class roads, close to five thousand such illegal billboards have been removed from roads around the country. And municipalities, towns and regions say that, despite the legislation, the struggle to deal with visual pollution, particularly close to cities, has not got any easier. Michal Šebek, deputy mayor of České Budějovice says those putting them up are always a step ahead.

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Matěj Vodička, Source:Český rozhlas