International Charity Festival traditionally at the Hilton Hotel Prague

Text: Martina Hošková and M.Zisso; Photo: archive

A unique charity event was organized by the Diplomatic Spouses Association (DSA) and supported by the First Lady, Mrs. Eva Pavlová. Its already 21st year was yet again a memorable moment of solidarity, where over 1 million CZK was collected, which will be distributed to Czech humanitarian and charitable organizations.

The numbers show the vast planning and organizing behind the festival: about 2,000 tickets were sold, and 600 people from all the different Embassies helped make this event function smoothly, which included 40 ambassadors, 50 volunteers, and 41 stalls.

Over 1 million CZK was collected, which will be distributed to Czech humanitarian and charitable organizations. The Diplomatic Spouses Association will announce a public tender, and then decide together which projects they will support. The rich cultural program of the 21st year got the attention of all the guests, even with some spontaneous dance from the participants and the guests.

The First Lady Mrs. Eva Pavlová, visited all the stalls in the market, speaking with the people there and getting a few presents, some of them very sentimental, like from the Kosovo Ambassador. It was a necklace made by women, who were raped during the war, as part of their healing treatments.

We are looking forward to the next year’s 22nd International Charity Festival!

First Lady of the Czech Republic Mrs. Eva Pavlová (right) and Mrs. Carla Marsili, spouse of the Ambassador of Italy, and head of the Diplomatic Spouses Association

Mrs. Carla Marsili, spouse of the Ambassador of Italy, and head of the Diplomatic Spouses Association, made a speech at the festival whose highlights we are bringing to you.

“Good morning and welcome to everyone to the opening ceremony of the 21st International Charity Festival organized by the Diplomatic Spouses Association.

First of all, I would like to thank Mrs. Eva Pavlová for being here with us today. Special thanks also go to the ambassadors who supported us with embassies making this event happen.

Many thanks to the Hilton Hotel and its staff who never failed to assist us with every need.

Thanks to all the many sponsors who gave their precious support. They are so many that it is impossible to name them all. You can see their names on the monitors inside and outside the hall. Thanks to our volunteers, students from Drtinova School, SKOLAEUPRAHA, Faculty of Law at Charles University, and Park Lane International School, who are numerous today and who will make this day enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you to the Litle Mole International preschool that takes care of the kids‘ corner.

Thanks to all the members of the Committee for the excellent and restless work. Between the Committee Members, an absolutely special mention goes to Mrs. Svetlana Codreanu, spouse of the Ambassador of Moldova.

Dear Mrs. Pavlová, your support was essential for all of us to put together so many stakeholders.
Knowing that we had your support, made it clear to us that our goal was to stay committed and work hard to be active to help those in need.

This is an event that aims to raise funds to help several charities in the Czech Republic. In particular, we will be proud to donate a portion of the proceeds to the association NEDOKLUBKO whose work we had the opportunity to know thanks to Mrs. Pavlová. It is an association that helps to give hope to preterm infants and their mothers and families.

What a joy if some of these children will be able to grow thanks to the small contribution we can collect today! This is a very special edition of the International Charity Festival:

  1. Because it is back after four years of hiatus due to well- known reasons.
  2. Because it takes place in a very difficult moment in the international scene.
  3. BUT I tell you that this festival is also very special because we, representing more the 50 countries, worked in total cooperation, friendship, and harmony. Each country, side by side in peace!

What a joy if this could be a reality even out of these doors! For all these reasons this festival will be a wonderful one: we have the shows, music and dances, lots of any kind of items from all around the world… we are sure that it will be a success… and fun…and that we will rescue a lot of money for charity!!

Thank you very much for coming! Now, let‘s go to officially open it!!”