Israeli student: I’m scared to speak Hebrew in street, but feel supported by Czechs

Photo: Martina Schneibergová, Radio Prague International

Bring Them Home Now! is the title of a gathering set for Prague’s Wenceslas Square on Tuesday evening demanding the release of the over 200 hostages still being held by Hamas, exactly a month after its brutal attacks on Israel. Ahead of the rally I spoke to one of its organisers, Israeli student Goni Biran.

“The aim of the gathering is to raise awareness and share the cry for our brothers and sisters that are held by terrorists in Gaza, by the Hamas organisation.

“We are going to stand together peacefully, pray and sing and hug – and hold posters with the faces of our people that are held in Gaza.

“Some of us will also be dressed as hostages, to symbolise our people there. We are going to be with blindfolds, with red paint on ourselves, to symbolise the blood and the suffering, and to be tied up.”

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Author: Ian Willoughby