“It could decide who will be first and second”: Expert on postal vote bill

Following days of filibustering, the lower house on Thursday approved a government proposal to allow postal voting for Czechs living abroad. The governing coalition wants the bill, which faces two more readings in the lower house, approved in time for the 2025 parliamentary elections. I spoke to political scientist Petr Just about its significance and its chances of winning approval.

“I think the chances are quite high since the ruling coalition has a comfortable majority in both parliamentary chambers, and this is an electoral law which must be approved by both chambers equally. There is no possibility for the lower chamber to override the veto of the upper chamber since electoral laws have a special status. Since the government has a comfortable majority in both chambers, it’s very likely that the law will be adopted in time for the 2025 general elections and be used for the first time by Czechs living abroad.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt