Jiřina Šiklová among women to be honoured with street names in new Prague district

Photo: Alžběta Švarcová, Czech Radio

Jiřina Šiklová and Madeleine Albright are just two of the women who streets and green areas will be named after in a new Prague district called Smíchov City, after a City Council vote this week. While Albright was a US secretary of state, Šiklová was a communist-era dissident who pioneered gender studies in this country in the 1990s. I spoke to Lucie Přibyl, librarian at the Center for Gender Studies in Prague – which the academic created – about her legacy.

“She was a sociologist, publicist, writer, and she also dabbled in politics. She was also a dissident, and that was a big part of her legacy.

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt