Kronos Quartet and Havels to perform special show at Prague church

Photo: Musical Instrument Museum/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Prague music lovers can look forward to a treat on Wednesday. The US contemporary classical greats Kronos Quartet are set to celebrate half a century of existence alongside the Czech ambient artists the Havels, who are themselves marking 40 years together. The venue is a 17th century church.

The US-based string group Kronos Quartet have been on the go since 1973. Over the decades they have played with such well-known artists as David Bowie, Tom Waits and Bjork, as well as performing works by leading contemporary composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Terry Riley.

Wednesday’s concert in Prague is being organised by Václav Havelka from the venue Meetfactory.

“Kronos Quartet are one of the most famous avant-garde groups on the American music scene and they’re celebrating 50 years of existence with the concert this Wednesday in Prague.

“They will be playing pieces by people that they worked with through their career, for instance Laurie Anderson: there will be a piece by her performed during the performance, called Flow.

“There will be a piece by Michael Gordon, called Clouded Yellow. And also a piece by Terry Riley called One Earth, One People, One Love, from the cycle Sun Rings.”

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