LIMBO at Letní Letná

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The Letní Letná festival of New Circus is back and well underway in the Czech capital. One of the headlining acts this year is LIMBO, a production which has gotten rave reviews, was reportedly seen by Madonna (twice) and, not surprisingly, has sold out. I was lucky to meet up in the Spiegeltent with troupe member Mikael Bres who told me all about the show, described as Heaven can wait – this is one hell of a party.

“Hello, I am Mikael Bres, one of the performers in the show. I do a Chinese pole act, where the pole is about six metres long, so I do a lot of jumping around, flying around and falling, not on the floor of course. I catch myself just before the fall. I also do some of the music, some Beat Box, some guitar and some clowning around.”

The Guardian described as one of the most significant moments a part where you act with a feather…

“That’s right and that was a moment which we came up with right when the show was being put together and first performed. I was doing my act and I found a feather which was stuck at the top of the tent and I decided to drop it. The effect was immediate and people liked it and the director said ‘keep the feather’, so I did.”

For people who haven’t seen Limbo yet, you let it go…

“I am really at the top and I drop the feather down. And I wait until the feather is about halfway and then a slide down the pole super-fast. Sometimes, though the rush of air as I come down causes the feather to flutter or swoosh away but even then I catch it.”

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