Mapamátky project offers unusual walks through Prague

Photo: Mapamátky

Mapamátky is a Czech association dedicated to popularising Prague’s architecture. As part of their activity, they created a web app motivating people to go outside and explore the city. It originated during the Covid lockdown as a university assignment, and has since developed into a professional project, offering more than a dozen thematic walks through the Czech capital that can be downloaded for free. Mapamátky, which combines the Czech words for maps and sites, recently launched its English version. On the occasion, I discussed the project with one of its founders, Marie Zákostelecká:

“The project was created during our studies of Arts Management at the University of Economics in Prague, but since then we have been developing it on our own with my friends and colleagues.

“It was first created during the hardest Covid lockdown, and the assignment was to create some online event for people, since they couldn’t attend any other cultural events.

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Author: Ruth Fraňková