Marek Hora is the Czech ambassador of Japanese cuisine promotion

H.E.Mr. Hideo SUZUKI, the Ambassador of Japan to the Czech Republic held a ceremony for the appointment of Mr. Marek Hora as the Japanese Cuisine Ambassador in the Czech Republic.
The ceremony took place at the Ambassador’s residence.

This honorary position has been granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan since 2015 to a prominent figure working outside Japan in the field of Japanese gastronomy in order to increase the awareness and popularity of Japanese agricultural products, Japanese cuisine, and culinary culture abroad.

A total of 18 new ambassadors have been appointed to promote Japanese food and gastronomy. Their tasks include, among other things, providing advice to other persons in the field, participating in MAFF projects, and cooperating with the media.

Marek Hora the co-owner and chef of Yamato Restaurant has been contributing for many years to spreading the magic of Japanese cuisine in the Czech Republic and participates in the education of other colleague chefs in this art, who, like him, reap success in international competitions. In this year’s selection, he is one of eight ambassadors who are not from Japan and he is the first ever appointed from the Czech Republic.

We are looking forward to the opening of Mr. Hora’s new restaurant this year.