Marian: China, Global South states’ presence at weekend Ukraine talks “crucial”

Photo: Czech Foreign Ministry

Czechia was among 40 states attending a meeting in Saudi Arabia at the weekend focused on a possible settlement of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Also present were China, India and Brazil, which has been seen by some as a sign of progress. Czechia’s representative at the consultations was Deputy Foreign Minister Jan Marian and I spoke to him following his return to Prague.

What was the message that you brought from Czechia to the meeting in Jeddah?

“First our support to Ukraine in general – this is what we’ve been doing since the second Russian aggression started – and full support for the 10-point peace plan of President Zelensky.

“And also we offered concrete areas of interest where Czechia could help in implementing the plan, such as nuclear safety and security, and the international tribunal or mechanisms for prosecuting Russian war crimes.”

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Author: Ian Willoughby