Marriage equality campaigner: Vote shows Czechia doesn’t belong to West

Czech MPs have approved broader rights for people in same-sex unions. However in a vote on Wednesday they stopped short of approving same-sex marriage or equal rights when it comes to adoption. I discussed the news with Czeslaw Walek, the head of Jsme fér / We Are Fair, a group pushing for marriage equality for many years.

“I won’t hide it, we are disappointed with the outcome. Because in the 21st century, in 2024, we expected that our politicians would reflect the will of the general public and would adopt marriage equality with full rights for LGBTIQ people.”

Opinion polls do suggest that most people are for marriage equality. But still, a lot of MPs have voters who are conservative or religious. Doesn’t Wednesday’s vote kind of reflect the simple reality of differing views in Czech society?

“I think it reflects the views of politicians, not of society. When you look at the polls, across different polling agencies, they show support for marriage equality around 65 percent, constantly.

“And I think the politicians should also look at what benefits the law can bring to citizens. It’s undeniable that marriage equality definitely brings more positive outcomes to the future of the Czechs than anything else.”

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Author: Ian Willoughby