Masaryk University: Get a quality education in a city pulsing with energy

Photo: Masaryk University in Brno

Founded just a year after the birth of Czechoslovakia in 1918, Masaryk University bears the name of the country’s esteemed co-founder and its first president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

Over a century later, the university has established itself as one of the most reputable and distinguished higher-education institutions in both Czechia and Europe as a whole.

Masaryk University has ten different faculties, and over 200 departments with an extended range of studies for students to choose from in bachelor, master’s, and doctoral programs. It is no surprise that thousands of international students end up choosing Masaryk University to achieve their academic goals, making Brno a melting pot of diversity and open-mindedness.

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Authors: Jakob Weizman, Amelia Mola Schmidt